How to add a website

Step by step article on how you can easily add your website's to WP Monitoring
Written by Mike van Wijnen
Updated 1 year ago

How to add a site to WP Monitoring

  1. Login to your WP Monitoring dashboard 
  2. Click on “Add Website” in the menu
  3. Copy the URL of your website e.g.
  4. At “Select your time zone” you can choose the time zone of the website. In this way we make sure that the maintenance of your website is done at the best time possible.
  5. You can add multiple sites at once by clicking “Add another site”
  6. When you are done with adding websites you can select the package for the websites. 
  7. To add the website, click on “add this website”
  8. Download the most recent version of the plugin on the right.
  9. Upload the plugin to the WordPress website that you just added.

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